Munchkin…I am not drunk.

Difficult for you to be honest to yourself? Or discreet. Close your eyes. You don’t see no one. Or someone. Words on the book, words in the eyes, words dont suffice. Can’t balance? Sleep. Beings. Mosquitoes.. Strange Mosquitoes. Where did sincerity go? Some new world. Oh take me to the land with the yellow bricks..pardon me its the Oz effect. Kiss me to sleep. Not you, you lousy mosquitoe! Twisted creativity. Lack of expression. Lack of inspiration? Lack of excuses! Yeah?
Pottery. Tango. I hate pickles now. Messed with virtuality. Its no use. A hundred years are waiting. You can’t peep in anymore.
Take me to my childhood. Safari Park, lots of trees..the straight road. The single horse. Monkey on the tree, munching on bananas. The rabbit section, my favourite…nostalgia in each grain of salt, whose sandcastles we built and destroyed a thousand times. Swirling swings, endless rounds..Two sided swings..the rolling slides. Breeze and charm. Where’s that place, hidden? Let me be there..once..twice..when I was two..or four..or eight..
Dont let me go..this whirlpool..this crowd.Struggling. Mingling.Craving. Where’s that feeling? Where’s that warmth? Playfully heartless? The sands dont speak..its alien. We’re not lonely. We’re just walking our intermingled roads. We’re in some heaven, as Bryan Adams said. Only is hard to see.

11 thoughts on “Munchkin…I am not drunk.

  1. i am pretty sure u were drunk. even if it\’s just water.
    i dunno, i can\’t understand clearly but, this sounds very un-U. yet, very effective and beautiful.
    sigh, the childhood… "mujhe meri bachpan lautado???" 😛

  2. haha  i just made an entry of Brayn  new  song lol
    i think ur  remembering the good times  yes????the times  without worries??? 
    well u have a whole life in front of  u…..and enjoy
    I thought  i\’seen everything….just come and listen  …oke…bye now…

  3. we are off to see the wizarddd the wonderful wizard of ozzzzz….ah the yellow brick road that leads to emerald city…now if only a twister would do its job and lift one to that place somewhere over the rainbow…as Dorothy sang… maybe you should sing too and have a dog called toto…?

  4. What did u think of  the song…well to be honest
    u have tolisten more  …and more…ur alone  now yes???? well thats the best  situaation to listen
    close ur eyes and enjoy   Ur worries are over   Its  good medicine…
    Lots of joy 
    enjoy ur weekend…Huggy


  6. Awww thank ye kindly little cookie, I think you are awesome too! I am actually ok, kinda accepting the inevitable that nothing will go back to the way it was and hopefully new things will happen that\’s worth all the changes.
    And wierd enough I think everyone is on that path where there are so many roads its getting rather confusing and most of us feel like running back while walking forward. You know?

  7. i think u write really well when ur under stress… u shud be the copywriter or whatever it was u called me. but u know what, nostalgia is just not worth it.. why would u wanna look back… there\’s so much more u know now, ur wiser, stronger, better, more capable. u shud just live every moment the way it shud be lived and only till the time it shud be lived 🙂

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