This is a timed entry.

So time starts now, I’m timing this entry, just to see how many thoughts I have in say 5 minutes, I ‘ll stop when..umm whenever I want within this time. Oops changing those spelling mistakes took me time. So yeah how many of us lie to ourselves? o we lie to hide our true thoughts? Hmmm considering that my research proposal is going bonkery..and I’m trying hard to salvage it. Everything is being done at a time..oops i lost count of time. So yeah everything I’m doing to meet deadlines, is getting me results.. dont know if they are desired results. Like the banyan tree still slightly I passed it to a friend. Hopefully she will have a brainwave. I dont like passing on stuff. Even after passing it on I STILL feel like adding stuff to it, I’d rather finish my corel assignments than do this bullshit research. I think its been 2 or 3 minutes already..Now im wasting seconds reading the entry. Aaaaah. So yes thank you to gauthum who provided me with a lot of stuff. (wht the hell were u doing earlier when I was crying over this damn…research) So basically I’m wasting this entry bitching bout research. Tiger thangarajan must be dreaming of his multi phd’s. So why was that guy flirting with me? Was he flirting or was he being a wannabe. Why do I feel its the latter…Maybe I should not have spoken too much.
 Time up!
PS: Tiger thangarajan and that guy are different people. If you may please. I have such a boring life. Shit. I actually mentioned a very sad interaction with a random guy I met for the first time on my blog!!! What is wrong with me!!! 😦 Viking and Praps please dont jump the gun…I need a break.

7 thoughts on “This is a timed entry.

  1. I would have helped you on the Banyan tree thing but my attention span lasts about…… I don\’t have jazz music that I can upload on my system, it\’s on a cd and audio with some lock on it..stupid anti-piracy people.:p anyways will search for some and send it across wogay?
    do youy lie to yourself…I am yet to find a person who is not guilty of that…we lie to say we are ok, we lie to say it really doesn\’t matter, we lie for so many reasons..sigh. Like I am right now I am telling myself I don\’t need the cheesecake in my fridge…sigh
    hugssssssssssss cookie…feel like giving and getting one.

  2. gauthUm is very sad to hear u complain. I told you once before also that I can supply you with research papers. u forgot.
    anyway, the art work was good, but just so that u know, there are trace lines to be seen, i dunno if that\’s part of the art. i am an illiterate in that.
    now, let me do a saan.
    random guy? u know, it\’s called "relationship". and get ***d. 😀

  3. i think u decided not to be negative anymore… whatever happened to you?!!
    and please dont encourage flirting… especially if the guy hasnt been approved by me

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