Read this novel yesterday, during breaks and in the PR class, which is obviously one of the most wasted class ever, cause our profs is a ‘know nothing at all’ Her response to every question goes something like: I’m not very sure, don’t think I’d be able to say. PR is anyways an exaggerated subject.

So coming back to the novel, the story is quite random, but the visuals and presentation style is bloody brilliant. And the punchlines. The narrative is woven with sights and smells of delhi and calcutta predominantly. The character names are hilarious (Digital Datta, Shintu!) My favourite line in the book goes something like..A woman can sometimes go to the extents of killing a man if she is unsatisfied with him. Rajnikant meets Hitchcock, Connaught Place meets delhi high society parties. The graphics are amazing!!



3 thoughts on “Corridor

  1. hey cookie who crumbles :p , ofcourse you would want to watch it.. creativity comes in many forms…it\’s about past Iran and yeah the experience of one is different from others…I will have you know I am the only mallu who would probably despise the culture whereas my lunatic counterparts are fighting for the freedom of men in lungis :p
    I just felt bad for those females who seemed so proud of where they came from..tis all…
    don\’t be neck hurts, so does my butt for some reason..i hear a ringing in my ears..and i can see spots! must..drink…… wine!;)

  2. entirely unrelated to ur entry:
    1) i had a good day today
    2) i think im learning to let my past grudges go
    3) i am quite content with my life at the moment
    4) i am at peace with myself for a change and ok with the slow pace of my life
    5) the best things in my life happened to me of their own accord.. i had nuthing to do with them
    6) i think ive gotten over my crush
    7) i think ive grown up
    8) love you, looking forward to ur trip back home..

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