Graphic Novels

The reason to look forward to something.
The reason to get excited.
The reason to celebrate.
The reason to be visual.
The reason to rejoice.
The reason to REDISCOVER the joys of reading.
Also Corridors by Sarnath Banerjee.
Next Hunt: Kari by Amruta Patil. To think that I bypassed that book thinking it was err something like a variant of Five Point Someone which have been flooding book shops.
Books can be categorised in a cliched manner.
Not these though. Not yet!!!! :)))
Also I brought the following book. Yes I did.
"Do ants have arseholes and 101 other bloody ridiculous questions"- Jon Butler & Bruno Vincent.
And I have exams next week. Lovely Life.

5 thoughts on “Graphic Novels

  1. interesting, its amazing how graphic novels can be inspiring, say how 300 was made into a film, really cool.if you think about theyre like hardcore storyboards.

  2. a sin city was also a graphic novel…met two iranian ladies and asked them what they thought about the persepolis…apparently they disagreed with it, one of them is a cinematographer and the other had just done plastic surgery on her nose because apparently is quite cheap to do plastic surgery in Iran, the country is overrun with educated people (both men and women) who unfortunately speak neither English nor Arabic and so must live in their own country and work there.
    Anyways they said unlike how the cartoon portrays it\’s not the same situation in Iran, because women have been given the freedom to choose any field and they don\’t have to stay at home looking after a family, the only rule imposed is the dress code but for that matter most of the men follow another one too. So even if persepolis is going to be a breakthrough in animation, I think I am going to give it a miss, tired of untruthful portrayal of countries, people, life and that part of media is still in the dark ages.

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