The beginning of communal violence and some more.

"Nobody understands me"
Thats what they all say.
Thats what those reel thin girls wearing tiny dresses blowing smoke through their lips say, drawling their hoarse voice drowning with the alcohol. Thats what that teenager rebelling against his curfew hours fights about. Thats what the curly haired guy who has moved out of home discusses. Thats what the girl who broke up from her 2 week relationship cries about. Thats what the student bogged down by the pressures of his board exam states.
Why doesn’t anybody understand them?
Do they really want to be understood? Or just be heard?

Moving on
My latest passion

I think north Indians should not be allowed to be in Bombay.
Why do you say so? Cuz u want your doodhwala to be a Marathi and not a UP-ite?…Its not their fault. If they have to earn, their state does not provide much, whats the harm?
No, their state governments should provide for them, why do they have to come here..they’re not paying taxes. They’re taking away jobs of people from maharashtra
Ofcourse they are paying the vehicle tax..
Ok, so if some person from Bihar or UP comes to Bombay, leaving his family alone, to fend for them, to send money back to them so that they can live happily, and he can earn a living, thats wrong? That should be barred?
But this should not happen, its their government’s problem, their government should look into it, why should they come here?
Ok, so I have left home, come to Pune to study cause there are no better options back home, so I should go back yeah? Its the same thing yeah? Today its the doodhwalas, tomorrow it might be us?
Oh or is it cause I’m paying this fucking institute shit loads of money so that they can give me a brand name, maybe a placement, so called allround development, probably a boost in self confidence and preparation for the "real world"?
Do I really need such a world?

3 thoughts on “The beginning of communal violence and some more.

  1. ummm.. now, i hope the people in India realize what the Americans feel about us here..
    same same.. globalization at its very best.

  2. well all you need is hard work and your ideas. And ofcourse, determination and devotion, commitment to doesnt matter where you come from.i mean the best and most successful people in the world dropped out of school or college at some point.and you\’re much better off than any of them.

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