Lotsa Rambles

Firstly..thank yu Mr. Viking aka Dddie, for the lovely birthday gifts! I think I’ll manage to download them by my birthday..which by the way is proving to be too much of a reason for my weird mood swings (girls and guys, understand)
My skin peels in this city, horribly in the summers.
There are no colours on the roads, no pre holi colours being sold. Depresses me, comes as a rude shock. Looking at a plump 8 year old on the road with a pichkari took me back to Calcutta, and lake market and all those places, where we’d buy colours for cheap…gulal in those scented plastic bottles wrapped in cheap paper..those gun pichkaris..buckets full of water balloons.
Take me home, someone.
My approaching birthday is depressing and confusing me. The fact that its right before exams for the nth time in my life doesnt really add any value.
I know people who read this will try to cheer me up however…I’m just having mood swings I guess. Don’t wanna look back to last year where maybe I was happier, or so I thought. I hate a few people right now..
the only gift that i could give myself is unlimited spending at the graphic novels section at Landmark maybe.
Or the trip. Some flab from my body vanishing overnight maybe. And someone special who makes me feel special maybe. and maybe the strength to carry on with that random horribly unruly unpretty expression on my face, which sticks itself like glue almost in all pictures…
Everythings a fake..and everything sucks…even the pimple on my cheek
Yikes now I know Im low!!!!

One thought on “Lotsa Rambles

  1. i love you
    and the rest of ur friends love you
    and your family loves you
    and ur to-be husband thinks of you occasionally
    now cheer up 😀
    p.s. am i on ur hate list?

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