only one question?

Am I meant for such a life?
Will fake excuses satisfy me?
Will overwork motivate me?
Will a tempting future excite me?
Will my state of mind ever be normal?
Will my face ever stop giving away my frustration?
Is it that I am overly grumpy? Is it that I get irritated too easily?
Is it that I take things too importantly?
Why cant I just let my tears drown all the questions?
Why do I still go on..

8 thoughts on “only one question?

  1. Why cant I just let my tears drown all the questions?
    Why do I still go on..
    Answer.Technically speaking your tears cannot flow forever,which means few of your questions will manage to stay afloat like Rose did after Titanic sunk.
    Why do you still go on? \’Cos you have no choice. Giving up isn\’t an option dear. Just in case if it was, it\’s a bad one too. Just few more months and you will be free from all the mother\’s mothers in this world.

  2. oh meanwhile, sing this song.
    Oh bolo Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Shanti Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…
    Shanti Shantipriya Om….
    Om shanti Om.. shanti shanti ka Om… 😛
    cheer up

  3. halloo cookie,
    you go on because unfrotunately try as we might..we can\’t stop breathing by choice, life\’s a bitch sometimes..i have been calling life a bitch quite often these days..somebuddy\’s gonna get a hurt soon..and I know it\’s me..sigh
    you know cookie… all those questions you asked.. let\’s just start at the beggining
    "am i meant for such a life?"
    life – can\’t be defined..for each month will differ and maybe you can steer your course..and maybe you can decide fate to do it\’s job…so you are never meant for anything in life…because no one knows really how it will all end..or begin.. and i think that\’s a blessing..because it\’s not can always change.
    hugggsss little is time to eat a slice of choclate cake.

  4. shantipriya ek popcorn ka bag lelo , samose bhi daal do saathme…………aur akeley picture dekhney chali jaoo…….uske baad u will emerge strong and life will go on. And agar kuch question baaki hai to phir yaad rakhna – " this is not the end" …picture abhi baaki hai mere dosttttttttttttt.

  5. Young soul, hot blood, tooooo many questions…. Hold on dear.Time has more to offer. Be patient and head straight.Regards,Atique

  6. aah soo many questions and no answers. Patience is the key Supriya. Just hang in there. you will get the answers in time……………

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