3 thoughts on “Most Expensive Food (Stop Eating Campaign haha)

  1. hey, thanks for coming!
    and about this article was funny. im still thinking about the most expensive omlette.. i mean, food is a such a basic thing and still some people have such a huge fuss over it.. its unbelievable!
    about my photos, i have a link on my blog on the left side.. called \’ my flickr\’ where u can actually see that flickr badge.. a rectangle with some photos in it.. thingie.. else, i will post it here- http://www.flickr.com/photos/24294337@N06/ 
    and hope u had fun on ur budday! 🙂
    see u!

  2. and this link just above this line is where my blog is. i dont know how that random link came up in my last comment. 🙂

  3. Macademia nuts is not expensive and for some reason I don\’t like them very much, I don\’t like caviar either, to conclude rich people are nuts..macademia or otherwise.

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