thou shall not SIGH!

I have a statistics paper tomorrow, and I’m currently wondering why I’m blogging today of all the days, when it can perfectly wait for another day.
My mind is racing along with the track from The Kite Runner. A part of my mind is tempting me to be a voyeur on the social networking websites. Those tendencies have certainly become wayy too high, along with increased online activity…which err I guess was already there.
Sometimes I think I’m too much of a a good way ofcourse (as compared to some people I see around me, some utterly technically challenged people, which is a shame as arrogant as I may sound, its a shame) But then I see some more people and wonder ‘do they even get out of their homes!!’ and now that I’ve mentioned that I cant remember a single person with regards to whom I said this!
The laws of relativity.
After a while, I’m always at a loss for words, but in my mind I ‘ve thought of SO many things, ninety percent of which I’m unable to transfer on paper or blog. Maybe its just me. Or the distractions. Even now..I’m rubbishing. Truth is I forget half my thought bubbles!! Sucks…
I admit I’ve not penned down every little feeling always, held myself back…having that mental, invisible censor inside of me. Wonder if I need to flush it out..or gulp it down.
Currently want to shed the excess baggage I’ve piled up yet again(or even I have not, someone has piled them for sure), in the form of weight.
One question: Should we still bother about petty issues in our life on our blogs..public places etc?
Feeling quite random, and cynically curious all of a sudden..if there is any such feeling.
Economics await…yes I have to study that too..My playlist needs a makeover, maybe I have too many songs I no longer like!

2 thoughts on “thou shall not SIGH!

  1. Stats! Good luck man! 😀
    Hey belated happy bday!! I hate saying that but I somehow missed it 😦
    Well, sighing doesn\’t help but then one can\’t help sighing at times 😀

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