Description: The iPen Tablet offers users the flexibility to write, draw, design, interact with the Graphical User Interface and perform other input-related tasks in a very user-friendly manner. Also comes with a 3 button cordless mouse.?
Interface: USB
Active Area: 5.5 x 4 inches
Resolution: 1000LPI
Pressure Sensitivity: 1024 Levels
Report Rate: At least 100 points/sec
Technology Used: Electromagnetic
Pen: Cordless pen with a pen tip and two barrel buttons
Mouse: 3 button cordless mouse included
Compatibility: Compatible with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 & XP
Email In Your Language: Send handwritten email in any language using Penmail or Office XP
Capture Drawings: Capturing drawings for inserting into documents
Handwriting Recognition: Create documents using Office XP handwriting recognition
Handwritten Documents: Create hand written documents using Annotate for Word or Office XP
One Touch Application Launch: Pen launching by tapping the hot cells on the pad to start a program or visit a website
Pen Commander: Run any program or menu command by flipping the pen
Free Hand Sketches: Send emails with free hand graphical illustrations using Penmail or Office XP
Screen Capture with Notes: Capture any screen with free hand notes using Annotate all
Signatures: Capturing signatures and drawings for inserting into documents
Softwares Supported: All Windows based softwares supported including Drawing, Painting and CAD softwares
Pen Scrolling: Pen Scrolling for document browsing
Bundled Softwares: Rich set of software tools bundled including Corel Painter Classic
Advantages: All functions of a 3 button mouse, so it can also be used like a mouse.Also comes with a 3 button cordless mouse.



The reason why I thank G&N

Nicknames invited :))

i’ve thought of:

a) RomeoX

b) Bleeker..inspired by Juno

c) Toto

d) 22.0

e) Scribbler


8 thoughts on “Presenting…

  1. I like TX jr……TX because my tablet is the TX…….and jr because urs is a lil jr…….like nino and super nino………

  2.  you have that?????…omg I hate you..lucky girl! bleeker…I am just biased when it comes to Juno..who couldn\’t lovea  pregnant 16 year old girl with a smart ass mouth?:p

  3. if u had seen the pic from the order page, u wudn have guessed ok??
    now enjoy and show us some of ur skills 😛

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