Activating Mindspace

Amidst all the food, fun and happyness, tiny thought bubbles are brewing up a storm somewhere in the corners of my mindspace. Chemical Reactions to Future Plans, or lack of them maybe..
Certain matters require determination, and not pangs of incessant worry. Inter changing reactions might help. Tch, yes its the weight again.
Life has given me opportunities, which I’m not implenting with complete sincerity…lets hope sincerity decides to knock on my door before its a little late, as the case generally is. I’ve to make plans for long term opportunities..not absolute, but tentative.
Its all managerial job.

Because plans unfulfilled or delayed, cancelled, recancelled and rescheduled…. always seem to suck. Especially those pertaining to leisure. I try seeking answers, dont get any valid ones. The ones I get only seem to say "The answers your fuckin fate, moron.."
Still want answers?
Maybe I should just ignore it all, and read Kari instead.
Which is what I probably will do.

2 thoughts on “Activating Mindspace

  1. "The answers your fuckin fate, moron.." LOL but doesn make sense 😛
    read kari, while you are at it, find a girl for urself 😛 😛

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