Before I begin, Gauthum the great Mother of all, mystical queen of the spaces shall reprimand you for the last comment you made.
M, I hope you shall do the needful.

So I’ve been meaning to blog since the last one hour. Speaks a lot about me determination and ability to write. Both of which I seem to be losing as I grow up.

So, as an advertising student I should not be saying this, but seems like there’s a lot of visual pollution happening in some parts of my city.

I love the food in Calcutta so much..I almost wish I’d gained weight here, instead of Pune. Atleast I would have gained weight by eating stuff I love *sigh*

Tiny creeping feelings of joblessness are arising. They need to be curbed with a weapon called pen maybe. or maybe little hero bleeeker, who was coughing up a bit today. Nothing serious folks.


3 thoughts on “Contradictions

  1. i shall indeed reprimand the father…hmph setting bad examples for the daughter…everyone knows the mother is NOT THE ROLE MODEL OK?:p and the father is to blame..tsk tsk tsk
    i have work..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,,i will miss you peepals…and trees…and i miss the calcutta chats..we had them in bangalore…useless dubai has every cuisine..but the chats here suckss!

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