Somepeopleareeverywhere…Moving on!

Each one of us is conditioned in a particular way and have a certain way of upbringing peculiar to us, which might not even be true for our siblings. When we witness others growing up in front of us we might question, comment or unconsciously compare it to the way we grew up, unconsciously or consciously. One can almost visualise certain minds mumbling ‘those were the days,when we…’ or ‘we never had it like this’ or ‘our lives were so simple’
Maybe my grandfather had it differently as compared to his siblings. He did not even see my grandmother before getting married to her, and he got married practically because of word of mouth publicity. His siblings atleast got to ‘see’ their brides (well I certainly hope they did)
So, I grew up with what I’d like to call.. the ‘Park Culture’. I went to the park everyday. Without failure. When I was a baby, my darling parents propped me in what can be called as the most helpful babycare vehicle, the pram and strolled all over Safari Park, probably introducing me to the fresh air, trees, rabbits and they say one should start early. Today I can categorise people as rabbits/monkeys or horses pretty nicely!
My visits to the park continued even after my sister landed into our lives. We have pictures together on rides, where I’m holding her hand while the merry go round causes her face to look like she’ll develop motion sickness. But thats only one stray picture. Another picture shows us propped on some random bike, like we’re about to vrooom away. Or rather I’d vrooom her away. Ofcourse she hates my helping hand now. I can’t seem to offer it without a bit of vinegar as it is.
I dont think though that she visited the park as much as I did. When she grew up a lot more, my Dad joined the nearby Club. She has a bit of the Club culture infused too. School girls and boys, hanging out at clubs…sports, watching rowing races, carnivals..the works.
My brother, as a baby visited the Park as well, spent a lot of his mornings and evenings there..part of tradition you see. He’s already inducted into the Club culture. Swimming, table tennis, pool, darts… name it. He enjoys it, don’t know if he loves it. Some of it was forced on him (you have to practise swimming) but he seems well settled. Kids from ‘good families’ spend their evenings splashing around the pool while their mommies watch or work out in the gym and then they all hog on yummy food. Some of them practise for club events, competitions..lotta community culture happening. I can already see a bit of a dude culture in my bro. But as long as he reads a book every night before going to bed, I know all’s not lost! As long as good habits last 🙂

6 thoughts on “Retrozpection

  1. i know, i lok at my younger ssiter and feel like such an auntijii, and am not so old, i think:P..but i feel sorry for these school going kids too, for all that they will never know, the funny par is, i have often had my mother tell me the same thing. ironical huh.

  2. someone sounds nostalgic! 🙂
    sups! whats ups?? sorry..tht was sad..
    I see – the Park cultures a nationwide phenomenon. Youve got me thinkin of my bachpan on the jungle-gym & the sandbox..what fun!
    yes, make little children read books..must do, must do..
    cheers. keedas. peace.

  3. hmmm id have been glad to be part of the park culture. but im a dinosaur see. so im part of the Key seriously with both parents and no one to come home to i had this chord around my neck that had the house key on it. so everyday everysince I was in standard one I wore that key to schol. opened the door myself and let myself in. went down to play only family activity was dinner time and sunday church. ….. but hey i like the club cultre. the kids get to learn a lot of stuff in better surroundings. its nto like we didnt get to learn any of this, we did but there was never one place where all the facilities were available. I think its nice that mother can catch some gosip when kids are swimmin gor playing tennis……….its community activity for everybody. killing two birds with one stone…………..

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