What does moving ahead in life mean to you?
Success? Degrees? Challenges? Money? Power? Fame?
I’ve actually never quite given this question too much thought. Maybe just like everything else I care about but keep pushing towards the back of my head. Kinda like those goods you store in a godown, in every corner..and only retrieve when its time to send them to the suppliers.
Really wish I knew what I was talking about. Don’t know where I am, and dont know how to go in the right direction…. The world can force themselves and fool themselves. Benchmark themselves as better than what they are..but I just cant…

4 thoughts on “Deranged

  1. get degrees which will get you challenging positions, get you more power, leading to money and then fame from winning your challenges and finally SUCCESS.
    See, you can have all of them.

  2. I don\’t know. but getting a degee is a really really really really good idea. in fact its the best idea ever. coz tht way, all i knw is tht even when u graduate and u get some wierd idea to be an artist and if u have a science degree, when your paintings dont sell well, u have a very good back up.. 🙂 yes, do what u like, but but but ALWAYS have a back up. thts wht i have learnt in life.. actually many things i\’ve learnt but this one is something thts more on the lineing important!
    go supOO!

  3. i meant that if u hav any degree ( arts, or law) and u choose to do somethng entirely different than wht u hav a degree in.. still u will always hav something as a back up. and a good back up at tht. 🙂
    secondly, in my last line in my last comment.. replace \’lineing\’  with \’on the lines of being\’ .. i typed fast and missed out the bit in between.. lol.

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