Letters to God#1

Dear God,
Why don’t you just give me the things I want without putting me through acid tests?

9 thoughts on “Letters to God#1

  1. 1. God may not exist.
    2. Even if he exists, he won\’t read your/mine/ blogs.
    3. Work hard, expect results. Not everybody is me, who gets lucky all the time. 😛

  2. God, if you\’re there, i wanna tell you that I\’m happy that I at least get what I want (even I have to go thru all kinda tests for that) 😀
    Know what, I\’ve quit thinking like this anymore.. dunno why, dunno how! Is it becuz I got married to the person I wanted to? 😀 😀

  3. I think God is giving us exactly what we want … but maybe we don’t know it yet!!
    How are you..? ^_^
    TC 🙂

  4. we are all a bunch of lab rats really..
    calcutta chats from koshy\’s on brigade road…in the lane leading into bata\’s showroom…

  5. yesssssssss i blogged little cookie…
    and yes he did travel 20 kms..i asked him and he said \’this must be the world\’s most pampered loo trip – car escort \’ :p
    oo italian chef and perhaps a french pastry chef too???

  6. Shaadi ain\’t a solution. 😀
    The solution is being with someone who you always wanna be with! 🙂 [ok, shaadi helps you do that :P]
    But then, this solution was applicable in my case 😛
    Wokay!! I\’ll stop talking abt the solutions now!!! 😀
    Where hav u disappeared btw?? Are u busy drafting the 2nd letter to God? 🙂

  7. well supriya..
    God has his ways..
    be glad in the end he gives you it at least s u r overwhellmed with joy after teh Acid test…
    Much more than if he wouldnt put you through it

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