Owe another letter to Him

Dear God..
You don’t fail to surprise me. Some people claim that I crib for 2 weeks and get what I want…(well which is not exactly true cuz i’ve been cribbing about my weight for sometime now..dont groan please people) I’m still taking things as they come, building the initiative..which I discovered that I don’t lack. One doesn’t have to be boygenius or ms.bournvita to get a job, maybe sustaining it is tough or maybe surviving competition and delivering constantly is tough…I don’t know why I’m saying this..Its just been 3 days..and that too not proper work! I also now know that preconcieved notions should be avoided as much as possible..and maybe some of us as humans are too scared to dirty their fingers in every well..which is what this city teaches you to do…to face any kind of situation..
Work culture and PR is beginning to surprise me…
But I’m trying to take it all in…take it all in 🙂
To bravery…
PS: I hope you realize that the weight crib has been going on for sometime now! 😦


6 thoughts on “Owe another letter to Him

  1. poor poor beti, soon you will realise people at the work places are zombies in disguise and you will get a strong desire to staple their heads to the table while they continue spewing out obtuse rants
    for weight..make sure you eat only fruits in the morning until 12 and drink loads of green tea without sugar ofcourse..perhaps you can sweeten it with honey…not only will your skin glow but it will help you loose wieght..
    side effect – increase in loo visitations.

  2. My, my you sound troubled. Doesn\’t belief in God make a lot of things simple, and a lot others complicated?

  3. oh supOO!
    about weight, i cannot comment coz i\’ve no mantra as of till now.. im still figuring it out myself.. someone once said.. an apple a day keeps dctor aawy.. something like tht..  anyway..
    and yes, a job teaches u a lot.. lol.
    keep learning and keep exploring! 🙂
    see u!

  4. there were a few weight reducing products on sale the other day, but i cudn remember even a single person who cud be needed it… 😛

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