Good Reads

I normally don’t have a lump in my throat after reading a book, but Unaccustomed Earth has left me feeling strangely sad. I’m usually not affected by stories or films I watch..but I’m surprising myself by writing about this.
Jhumpa Lahiri weaves yet another set of short stories which stay with you, atleast for a while. The last set of three stories with time jumps, narrated in first person from different perspectives is the most touching.
I actually felt bad towards the end. One of the few stories where you are eager to see the two characters to bump into each other.
Her earlier novels have already proved that she can describe Bengalis to the T. I wonder if she’ll be able to describe any other tribe that well.
Read it if you like short stories, subtle endings and little ironies that make life..

5 thoughts on “Good Reads

  1. yeah i liked her interpretor of maladies…i would never be able to come up with a title like that…but then that\’s why she has a book and i just have a common ignored blog..
    Bengalis – loud, watches all ekta kapoor\’s serials and travels in flocks faintly resembling geese high on mustard oil…:p blame it on two years of living with one!

  2. hey how you doing………….Unaccustomed Earth…………..ill check it out though im not so high on short stores. always leave me feelign that too much happpened too soon.

  3. Sups have I ever done anything that\’s not contradictory?? Besides I am going organic on the products I use, the fruits and veggies I buy and no more endless plastic bags while I shop. But unfortunate for our animal counterparts, as long as they are not extinct I will eat them :p
    You should try turkish food they have enough vegetarian that\’s amazing and the sweets are just heavenly..and unfortunately fattening..I swear heaven must be a place of only fattening food!

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