So why do part anti social people like me have utterly unrequired, random and far off contacts on their gtalk contact lists?
For example, some random chick who wanted to ask questions regarding my brilliant college, another random chick who I met during my admissions and who I dont talk to, random guy from college who thinks he’s great and has barely spoken to me…and some more..

5 thoughts on “———-

  1. because part anti social people like you are an enigma to full social people like them..therefore they must have a piece of you..no i am not qouting britney spears!

  2. hmm, a random guy who thought tht he\’s the best at "making friendships" did trouble me on gtalk and orkut. Surprisingly, I even got an invitation from him on LinkedIn. 😛
    This world\’s full of funny ppl and this life\’s full of funny things!
    SO hwz b\’bay doing? 🙂

  3. this is how online world is :(in btw i simply loved your Bombay Bluhs entry 🙂 how are things in B\’bay? take care & hugssis

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