Mango Saga continues.

Yellow Mangloreans..didja eat your mangoes today?
Well I definitely have been eating mangoes more often than I ever did. Bombay ke side effects.
Moving on..its time for some really random rambles and REALLY supriya whiners.
  1. Taxi trivers in mumbai should be slapped individually. Or castrated.
  2. Distances Suck. Especially those that are not far!!!!
  3. I’m not sure that I love the rains
  4. I have a horrible urge to shop, or see what others have shopped for me.
  5. The more some people grow up, the dumber they become
  6. I am doing nothing about my weight
  7. sigh. why supriya why!!
  8. I suddenly feel quite distant from some of my friends
  9. ..and myself
  10. ..and my assignments.

Goodnight blog..i dont say it often but thanks for listening!


One thought on “Mango Saga continues.

  1. u fool!!! u shud ve msged me 😛
    anyway its always better if u talk to ur blog.. cos it doesn talk back 😛
    aur ha,distances suck?? u mean the short ones? if not the long ones?
    my list is up 😛

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