Confessions of a first time Hostelboun High Alert Express

1. I am in Love with Pearls Before Swine.

2. Finally we know the reason behind the big bazaar boom. Food.

3. I need to focus. Really.

4. What is with the hype behind ‘The Dark Knight’? No I mean… I shall
watch it but STOP suffocating me with talks about the Joker et all

5. We run to the city like we’re on some reality/adventure based game show.

6. Classes will turn into an excuse soon

7…and Career will turn into one too.

8. Unless I focus.

9. Or decide

10. Some people take time to decide, but some decide to completely make it a chewing gum experience

11. I need to quit being a tensionoholic

12. I have enough time to lose weight.

13. Repeat till you sleep.


5 thoughts on “Confessions of a first time Hostelboun High Alert Express

  1. i\’m in love with Pearls b4 Swine too…
    what an awesome combo: a shrewd rat, a silly pig, a goat with high IQ and an activist loser of a zebra..
    it rocks…
    vyo hooked me on to it

  2. Hello Β πŸ™‚
    I am here but don’t feel like writing and kind busy" with thinking mostly" πŸ™‚
    I think I will continue studying and got a master degree
    It will not be easy " and you are a very good example here ^_^ " but I will try to give it my best
    Miss u πŸ™‚ and miss your blogs Β 

  3. The master in Sha Allah will be in Health informatics aaaaaaaaaah i want it to be perfect -_-
    And yah i posted a blog just minutes ago thanks for encouraging me

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