Uh Uh

they say (actually they don’t) that if you leave a page blank for too long, either your mind is blank, or you don’t know what to say..how to start or what to say.The same can/can not be true for me depending on..uh..a lot of things. So apart from rambling I’ve taken to watching movies..and reading too many books at the same time, hence not even finishing a single one of them. I like living in oblivion and still make the most crucially self expected mistakes. Its almost like I know this is not exactly a good idea but yet I fool myself into going ahead with it, and at the time of the outcome I almost hear myself saying told you so. My dear friends who visit this blog as a part of my friendship-pact with them, will find themselves saying there she goes again. The reason why you find a minimalist level of punctuation on this page and center alignment is because..I feel like I should go on without pauses..taking in the thorns that come in the way almost in the same way as a girl gets used to waxing, she knows that it hurts but she has to do it anyways..for temporary satisfaction. I really don’t know why I’m saying all this, I should bite my tongue.. maybe I’m inspired by my friend’s no-full stop brutally kickass presentation, maybe I’m inspired by Amelie. Maybe this is like a self backlash, maybe its zero inspiration, maybe its just another ramble.

Geebs if you are reading this kindly mail me the wowio account username and password I’ve forgotten what it was. Others can recommend some good music maybe, cause I’m used to getting used to the same song and not listening to too much apart from that anyways.

Also, steady news of 50 percent of the people I know getting engaged is actually quite shocking yet weirdly gulp inducing, when you wonder how and why everyone’s getting hitched. Actually its not the end of the world, maybe its one of those okheregoesanotherone feeling or an okiseemtobetheonlysingleonehere or a ohfuckmytimeiscomingnear kinda feeling (i know some of you are dying to say a few things by now especially ppl who I know I am talking about)
So like a good blogger, I shall leave you to attack.


8 thoughts on “Uh Uh

  1. phew! i dunno what those big words mean but i did love the sound of them 😛
    reading lotsa books huh? m J! I need to find a library here cuz i\’ve finished whatever books i brought here 😦

  2. lol…i shall resist…i like the no punctuations…too many out there anyhow. and song suggestions…please please listen to the soundtrack of this movie called – Once, it\’s suuuuu nice. I think you should see the movie too..it\’a rather gauche..but simple and might be interesting from a student\’s point of view.

  3. sometimes, blank pages also means, that you have lot to say, dying to scream, yet are not sure if you should; if its going to bounce back.. words pierce faster and deeper; no wonder they said pen is mightier.. or the keyboard in this case I guess..engaged… hmmmm.. somewhere ppl dying to stay single, some feeling deadly for no longer being one, and some dying coz the silence of singlehood kills them…mmmm.. will remember to remind you…

  4. finally Gustav did change directions and the went two categories down! :)o ye, i looked up an article on the naming convention of these storms. the requirements were that the name has to be female, shd be in alphabetical order, and a name cant retire. bt then, they did have sm with male names like Andrew! so im still confused abt the naming 😀 btw, the next one is named Hanna 😀

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