Nemma Bengaluroo?

(or however that is spelt)
If any one of you mortal souls know how to get rid of these spammers on msn spaces please let me know..cause there these idiots who are picking random posts of mine and leaving comments like "do you want to advertise.." and so on.

So Bangalore smells like Jasmines, Brownies and Idlis (separately)
It looks like Contemporary meets Cozy
It sounds like a bells and guitar at the same time..
It feels like a peaceful temple and a buzzing traffic jam
and yet makes you feel at home.


7 thoughts on “Nemma Bengaluroo?

  1. U reached Bengaluroo? What gr8 jumps huh! Kol-Pune-Mumbai-Bengaluroo phew! :DI visited b\’lore for 2 days only and I agree with your pt. no. 3 :DPeople? No comments. They took us for a "ride" (literally) in the auto-rick 😛

    Anything is better than these stupid ads above our space!!!
    TRUE  -_-  stupid women giggling stupidly and doing stupid things that makes you feel stupid COME one who believes in this " someone is looking for you "  give me a break and what exactly is True ?? Their names age personality!!! What…  I am fine with the idea of ads in my space but not that kind of ads 😦

  3. you understand!! You know how I can\’t figure out where I belong and where I want to be…but bglore feels like home to me. It\’s got a nice lived feeling to it. I cried when I left and I never cry! I really did feel like a part of me stayed behind.
    About the books – what can I say, I have no life. A book accompanied me wherever I go and I can spend my entire life in a bookstore and even forget to eat!

  4. Hey,long long time… how u doing??? traffic yes it\’s insane in Bangalore but i guess if it\’s home you are willing to overlook everything  🙂

  5. I moved to Bangalore (or Bengaluru for that matter 🙂 ) 3-4 months back, from Bombay. And well, you are bang on target. Its full of traffic jams, yet peaceful in a way (prolly coz of the weather) and is beginning to feel like home as well! 🙂

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