Why Rock On is a Waste.

So you buy tickets to watch a movie at a multiplex, bollywood films..you almost know what to expect.. a few well shot songs, some of them not needed, good looking actors, feel good, romance..the so called break.
But hold on my dear friends..where, pray WHERE in the middle of all this is the STORY???
I refuse to accept that bollywood/hindi films cannot have stories. Incidentally (ok I know this is not a good example) I saw Masoom (old one made by Shekhar Kapoor) the same afternoon before leaving to watch Rock On, and the movie itself is a copy of an english film, which is based on Eric Segal’s book Man, Woman and Child. But hang on, the treatment of the film by the director, the actors and the music blend in to combine one of those very unforgettable movies..the scenes of which you remember and the music that makes you nostalgic even today.
What does Rock On do? The music sucks. You wont remember the tunes, the lyrics are crass..Arjun Rampal acts like a log of wood. The movie tries to ride on the Dil Chahta Hai wave…but to make a successful DCH you need characters, you need those endearing moments..tunes that become timeless..some kind of quirk which stands out, is almost unique..all of which are hardly there in Rock On(barring Purab Kohli’s drunk dance and the Gujju dandia meets rock)
Take another movie in the same genre..Jhankaar Beats. Why does it work? Yes most of the music consists of hit RD tracks, so you won’t go wrong there..there’s humor in the film, characters that stand out(especially Sanjay Suri’s horny neighbour and pesky Sindhi/Parsi aunty)
Farhan Akhtar does a decent job (my fav is his shower scene :P), the girl opposite him hardly has a role. But its really not justified that one fine day they all land up together and hardly have even one proper conversation/talk..hug and make up? If the friendship was really that strong then why did it take ten whole years for a reunion. And Rob dying….why couldn’t they come up with something else. Brain Tumor. Bah

On the contrary I’m dying to watch this film called Viva Cuba..a part of which I saw on the following day on World Movies. If someone could download/get me the film..I’d be grateful..its original, nicely shot and endearing.
My verdict on Rock On: Avoid. Watch Jhankaar Beats or DCH again. You’re missing nothing.

5 thoughts on “Why Rock On is a Waste.

  1. i beg to differ. i liked the movie, i liked the songs too and i think farhan akhtar sang really well. rock on is not a waste for underexposed people like us who havent seen those hi-fi english films that everyone raves about, i think it\’s a decent watch for people looking for some entertainment on a sunday afternoon/evening. there might be somethings which some people think are too cliched or which are not too well justified, well that is a personal opinion, nothing wrong with that, but i dont think the average indian audience would consider those things to be too disagreeable, and besides even the most raved about hindi films tend to have this shortcoming for eg RDB.
    too bad u didnt like the film sups.. but i hope u made up for it by hogging on good food 😀 thats what i do when i cant stand the film i went to the halls to watch 😀

  2. To the contrary, i liked the movie. Yes it had come cliches 🙂 like Rob…. but on the whole i genuinely had a good time. i sang along with them, i clapped when they finished and was thrilled when they won the competition. I had an awesome time watching the movie.

  3. hmm, why did i not read this before? why? :(we\’ve been watching all hindi time pass movies at home itself and decided to watch Rock on at the amrikan theater… and did we regret watching it there? hohohoh 😦

  4. My my, is someone hating \’Rock On!!\’ or what! Maybe you shouldn\’t read my latest post then 😀 ..& maybe you shouldn\’t like Farhan Akhtar & his crooning/looking/being the best skills either, eh? 😀 Come on, cool down.. There was certainly no story but then there was Killuh Drummer, adorable Rob, harrowed drama-quees Joe & oh-so-wow Farhan!How are you? Bengaluru that goo, eh? Never been there! :(I *heart* \’Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night Time\’ & \’The Kite Runner\’ too! :)Take care..Seeya around..

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