Psst..Peru am unable to comment on your blog for some weird reason…the words were nice..BUT i still stick to what I say

Mnaz where are you?

Others who loved rock on: Go die.

Divoo..*high fives*


4 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. Hello ^^
    Well I have no idea what Rock on is like but after what u said i defiantly don like it … actually I hate it ( I don’t want to go and die) 😦
    Indeed it is a talent to be able to write a picture but unfortunately I can\’t do that I just write then try to find a picture that fits ^_^
    Ammm I am fine now trying to enjoy my long vacation and worrying about how to fill it  
    I always wonder why can\’t I just enjoy life I always have to wary about something ??
    What about u how is life ??  

  2. oh please, just cos the movie didn\’t match up to UR stupid expectations, doesn\’t mean it\’s bad.
    go jump in ur unflushable pot 😛

  3. Ammm I remember that I told u that I finished my internship amm didn\’t I ? well in case i didn\’t  … I am  done and I had my bachelor degree in health information management and technology  
    And now i am planning to continue my studies " Master degree in health informatics " sooooo until 28-2-2009 I will be FREE coz the master program will start then 🙂 that is why i am worried I want to have a pleasant vacation but don’t u think that this is a lot !!? Any way I hope I can enjoy and benefit from it … for now i would like to find a Japanese teacher 🙂 which is a hard !!
    But i will try my best ^_^
    WOW ma Sha Allah u r in your 3rd semester 🙂 one more to go right ??
    GOOD LUCK 🙂  

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