Cup Noodles and Maggi Soup

In my abode, God resides in plastic covers, while entertainment is bending towards American humor..cinematic tastes are discovering foreign shores, novels are the new notes and groups are the best education..weight loss is an illusion, actually weight is like a circus clown…tricks you…
People? they’re like puppets, dancing to tunes only they can explain, or suffering from pains long unforgotten and turning into psychos, for reasons they can’t be blamed.
Its a whole new world. Though I can’t clearly state, whether I stand anywhere or walk around the place, like another ghost from another world astray.

Psst: I had meant to write a lot more, but the minute I shut this laptop, switch off the lights in the darkness as there is no power, lie down on my bed, pull the covers and settle the tiny blue pillow on my head, I will remember atleast ten more things I meant to say, wanted to say and had thought I will say and I plan to say….when I blog again..I’ll be hoping yet again that the same thoughts return to purge my heart and mind off the troublesome dreams and very random thoughts that haunt me once in a while.


3 thoughts on “Cup Noodles and Maggi Soup

  1. i suddenly realised you mite think i was being rude, i was complimenting you, i love your blog.. and your life has a way of echoing that too 🙂

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