From Rohit’s Tongue

"A real photographer never gives up"

"Why can’t you study in Bangalore, get married here and stay in my house forever?"

"We’re going to play the song ‘Bhutni Ke’ on my sister’s wedding"

"I have two friends on the terrace..I’ve named them Champa and Chameli, they are two grasshoppers"

"Oh haven’t met the lizard yet"

"Oh no, bad Champa and Chameli..its ok we’ll just click the spider’s pictures"

"When will they serve rice?" (even before the lunch thali arrived)

"Why can’t I watch ‘How I met your mother?’ "

"Lets go play badminton!" Where? "On the road"

"You want to meet Tiger?" Who’s that? "My fish"


3 thoughts on “From Rohit’s Tongue

  1. Disclaimer: if I may take the liberty:
    Whoever said she\’s a REAL photographer
    1. She\’s already doing her Masters. To do double masters, she has to be an idiot. And she is not PhD material.
    2. She won\’t find a guy by herself. So that depends on her granny.
    3. And her granny won\’t let her out of Kolkata.
    4. You really don\’t want her in your house. (Extrapolating is a BAD thing).

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