So before my blog bites dust and is eaten by moths and flees, I shall make yet another valiant attempt at salvaging my silent staunch friend.
Ha. The drama.
So What’s pepping me up is probably daily challenges..the grind. The pulse rushing through your assignments and sudden burst of doing it all right. May the lord listen and continue infusing those pills in my system, even if it is through the mess food, notwithstanding dangers of catastrophe.
So my poem dedicated to fonts in CorelDraw shall be published on this blog, bhaiyon aur behno, pehli baar, iss blog ke zariye aap dekh sakenge, fonts ke naam, aaj ki shaam.
No thats not the poem.

Dear family of types
You change the world in black and whites.
In colour your glory redefines,
A simple message, a logo or line.
With names that bring a grin so wide,
Quirky, Silly, digs and rhymes.
In boldness, italics or underlines
Some of you constantly remain unidentified
Webdings and Wibdings come handy accidentally
Though same fonts with three names make life pesky
A tamil or sanskrit, a french or arabic
You create a world so vast
Out of meaningless, meaningful miniscule mass.

That will be all for tonight ladies and gentlemen, the Tough guys out there drained the day outta me! Fifteen minutes is all I got to give you the gift of words. The one you see above. Aye.


6 thoughts on “Fontalicious

  1. i always (started recently) insisted that the greatest discovery of mankind was "words" or communication.. language.. u get it then fonts would be the next-gen big thing ;)oh.. miss busy-bee

  2. oh btw, did u know, the other day i got a call from this company regarding a position i applied for.. and then later that day (or the next) there was hit on my blog from that very place where the company is. do you think it\’s not connected??

  3. ahhh.. u idiot.. not this one.. that\’s y i stopped here and hiding this it wasn\’t them.. it was another visitor from that ninja page

  4. wow! the fonts are gonna be happy about the fact that you wrote a poem (or something similar to a poem) for them!! :)oh btw, babies!!! nopes, not yet 😛 it\’s still the usual craving bags/clothes/shoes etc 😀

  5. I am alive and stranded without internet at home…damn damn damn…
    so forgive me my beti..i will be talking as soon as ai kill those people and start an internet service roviding company of my own

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