Back to Base.

There are some numbers you don’t ever forget. Ever.
With five numbers in a year from every service provider playing the field, I think I’ve literally let a small signifier of my identity stray away. I don’t have to think twice before dialing a few numbers. Can’t be the same for people who want to reach me. Weirdly my sense of permanence is getting lost somewhere while I hunt for the so called accomplishments in life.
You’ll very kindly remind me..that you chose this.
And I won’t argue to that. Just that I don’t belong either ways. What’s worst is that I probably don’t even care enough much about belonging on either side, yet I’d probably be dismayed if I don’t create a sense of belonging for myself.
Don’t read further…cause I really don’t know what I’m writing. Everything seems so calcutta-ish. I’m happy yet confused. Can’t mislead people or myself…but most of my confusions are self created. I only wish the solutions were self created too. Or are they?


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