So much blahness in my life!!

And if you tell me that life’s a full circle..Or a road with curves I wouldn’t disagree. I’d just add that- its a pattern, one that knits on its own. There’s a pattern somewhere. I’m yet to figure it out. Things from the past keep happening again, there’s no set design, but somewhere deep down when you look back, it will all happen in phases..some things repeat, somethings don’t. But the don’ts can be aligned in a pattern..till they become repeats.


Sometimes its difficult to think in one direction..and I often stare away into space thinking of all the things I wish to type here..away and secluded. Even from those who wish to have a peek. But sadly..when I eventually get down to writing..those thoughts play hide and seek, or vanish into thin air. And then I’m looking at this white space, trying to evoke those thoughts, ending up thinking of something totally different in the recall process. what I need. Technology are you listening??

The mind is a funny little thing isn’t it? Like a beast you can’t cage, like a child you can’t control, like an ice cream that melts, and water that re-solidifies. It runs away before you can stop and control it, and thinks of endless possibilities when you don’t need them. It provokes, it angers, it sleeps it entertains. And sometimes, it just laughs at your naiveness or nudges you back to reality. At other times it watches from the sidelines, never giving you a clue about its existence. It watches, but never says a word. Probably thats when..the heart takes over. Or umm did I just describe the heart? Sigh.Give Up..Supriya.


4 thoughts on “So much blahness in my life!!

  1. wow! i love the similes that you\’ve mentioned… "like a child that you can control" – the best :)words are never enough if u wanna describe the brain… dunno about the heart cuz i find it stranger 😛

  2. u really don\’t want a mindreader… seriously… we wouldn\’t want to read all that naughty things that you keep thinking… or the excuses you try to come up with… and mostly, how increasingly mom-like u r becoming… 😛

  3. on 2nd thgts, may be we do a need a mind reader for when i wanted a laptop because a desktop is exactly not something you would want to put on your lap and blog…. yes, just like that.few people also put it down as being lazy. not me.

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