Pure with words
Honeyed-the voice
Morning songs
Crosswords along
Make a drawing, you said
Poetry, we shared
The verses you wrote,
My little eyes shone..
Passion for the deck of cards,
Diamonds cut to class
Immaterialistic and simple
Big eyes, fair skin..
.. the royal white moustache!
There never was a last chance,
to share a glance..
Little did I know, I’d miss you so.
Remembering you, Nana..for the poetry and more.

7 thoughts on “Remembering..

  1. i thought my way of appreciating this entry would be by not commenting on it.but… i then realized that you wouldn\’t know my appreciation then. 😛

  2. why wud u even want to pay attention to the elections in the first place… u r in INDIA!!! 😛
    by the way, our politics is less gimmicky and more <insert word signifying gutter> than the ones here.

  3. beutiful….
    i never got to stay with my grand parents
    just sumtime sum desires arise
    sum ppl like me hve a family but we know not of what a family is… (Sad)

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