• Women with excessive compact powder on their face look so ghastly and fake.
  • The hills make you drowsy
  • But the LAN speed is like a mine with hidden diamonds!
  • Hail Tudou. Hail Youtube. Hail Empty Hostel
  • The more you look into the future, the yuckier life is..so look for tomorrow. Not day after tomorrow.
  • And don’t gape at me, day after tomorrow
  • Kick some ass, baby
  • I finally need to progress with times. Learn the art of gender bias..its a primary need of every woman
  • Sometimes I look at my instant messenger windows and try to ask myself..what are soo many people doing on this list..Especially those who I don’t even chat with? Same with Facebook..220 friends? Whoever has 220 friends?!
  • Sitting in boat. With lots of people..
  • Happy Children’s Day..saw my baby pics and as arrogant as I may sound..Gosh I was a CUTE kid! (What happened later on..don’t ask me)
  • So much to watch..so little time, God give me an extra hour, some sleep and port wine (that was just to rhyme it)

2 thoughts on “Randomass

  1. u know.. i was a cute kid back in time…
    i guess KIDS ARE CUTE so stop being so stuck-up about it
    i know.. i need time too.. i have so many things to catch up on…

  2. sitting in boat with lots of people – reminds me of the ferry ride from the dakshineshwar temple to the belur math :DHail Youtube! :)Take an hour from me Sups! I have a lot of them to kill. 😛

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