To be able to write is a gift, but with a data card with broken limbs..the gift turns into a frustrated patient. I doubt if I’ll be able to post this tonight..thanks to one of the richest companies in India, and their beautiful internet services. Have been aching to release all my thoughts somewhere. Tried distracting myself with sitcoms..but I’m back to pressing refresh every second, disconnecting and reconnecting each time.

I know..I can crib about cribbing too.

Must be a really difficult person..to deal with. (Me, I mean). Had a bunch of really random, and not so random observations..half of which are floating somewhere amidst the dense nerves in my head. I’m beginning to think I’ll be the perfect customer for smart phones. I just need that bit of technology, or else I’m under threat of committing suicide.

Why are women so..not bothered about themselves in India? By women I don’t mean girls of our age. Above 40-45 yr old women. They might be Hitlers or Demure Moms, or Softies or THE homemakers..but they’re rarely bothered about themselves. Do they stop caring after a certain age? Or does the whole Sacrifice..my kids, husband , family is more important comes into play?

I like Rock On. Really. I saw Dostana..thats why.

How does immaterialism develop into the minds of human beings?

Does television with hordes of channels, still make you a passive onlooker… fickle, unsatisfied and blank? Or is it just me?

Reading what I’ve written above, makes me seem like a very very depressed person. If I were someone else..I’d say..she needs help!!

The quicker you move on, the better you cope with life. Yeah?

Advertising folks comprise of those kids who probably never reached school on time and who submitted their assignments late in college. Yeah. I’m exceptional.

My desire bag consists of a guilt free shopping trip, at a place where I’d get everything I want, at good prices and not have to choose between very bad stuff and very very bad stuff. I’m ready to pay..but find me something thats worth its price??!!!! Psst Men included in the shopping list 😉

Shoot. Its recession time. Shopping cancelled. Unless the man is ready to pay 😀

I’ve looked at so many wedding cards in the last five days, I think I’ll probably be informed about my own wedding through one such random nicely designed fancy cards

Notes to Self: You do realise that you not only find half the things in the world bad, you wouldn’t be too happy compromising with it also. You’re as picky as an arrogant blonde would be with her shades of nailpolish. What are you thinking, and what are you eating?

As the stupid data card refuses to comply, I shall go bury my head under the pillow..and think of everything else I can add in the following bullet points. Sweet dreams, sweetie..till then.

                    The best pani puri and sev puri, is the one that you’ve been having since the time you don’t have memories of having it.


5 thoughts on “RR

  1. i could answer each and every question of yours.. but ur never satisfied with any of my answers.. so well 😦
    please let ur next entry be a little cheerful, ur in bangalore and loving ur work, we could all do with a little optimism here.

  2. Sorry i have been off the net for a while now but I read about what\’s happening in MUMBAI ! 😦


  3. uh oh! not done!! I am outta Blore and u went there?women: they stop feeling the need to care for themselves as soon as they realize that the married life is going to go on for ever..television: hordes of channels but same frames – no wonder people with an iota of gray matter feel uninterested..depression! – cant say, the shrink has already given me the prescription..move on- good observation; but might be pretty tough for those sticky few..will never be able to shop a man worth their cost; the best ones come free and ones available for sale are not affordable..let the recession take its grip and you can shop cheap too..card: precisely 10 years back most of I know were holding one with my name too..some people compromise and find happiness in everything; some stubborns wait for the best they dream for and feels all the joy together; though sometime the wait might seem endless..

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