A new MSN spaces format..AGAIN?

Seriously I think someone should have kept track of how many times Spaces has changed its format. Geebs I’m sure you have.
So inspired by Praps’s list..things about me you knew or did not know:

  1. Just because I appear distracted, does not mean that I am not listening. My eyes and ears perform different functions. I use them both at the same time on different things. Its called Multitasking of the senses. But my mind knows how to prioritise and listen to whats important
  2. I get spontaneous when I’m book shopping, or when I see food
  3. I’m having difficulty getting sleep,maybe cause of my cousins early morning alarms, but my dreams are getting weirder and weirder. I dreamt that my friend in Hyderabad was msissing me a lot and so I made a surprise visit to her. And in Hyd I was living with her at her stupid campus far away from the city, and on reaching there I realised that I was a fool to have reached another village like campus, without making arrangements to live in the city
  4. My other dream is funnier. I dreamt that my family has arranged for a guy to come and see me, and they did not inform me till the nth hour of his visit and when he arrived, he was wearing a white kurta pyjama and he was faceless and I ran and shut myself in the bathroom.(Coincidentally the first time my dad and mum went out for dinner, he landed up wearing a similar attire)
  5. I think most people in this world are more scared than anything else, and half the actions are based on that. How would our actions be, if they were not based on that? I know this one’s not really about me…or is it?
  6. I could spend an entire day at  Blossoms, Birgade Road
  7. I can never ever pack smartly
  8. I can’t think of point number eight
  9. Half the times, I don’t even realise that I have extreme moods
  10. I don’t think I suck, but I’m yet to rock it big, and somehow I feel that’s not going to happen when I want it to, but when I’ll probably not want it.


6 thoughts on “A new MSN spaces format..AGAIN?

  1. #1. Try telling me and praps about it.. #3. HCU?????? Weird dreams?? AH HA!! Welcome to the party!! I love weird dreams.. cos they are the only ones which make my life colorful!!#4. Who landed up when your parents went out for dinner? Why was his face .. err.. faceless? Did you blur it with photoshop so that we wouldn\’t know or was he from one of the horror movies?? AND.. PRAPS.. HE… CAME… TO… HER… HOUSE!!! How did you miss this!!!#5. eerrrr… what??? #7. Ditto… but, I think this time, I did better.#8. There should one referencing the numbers used. Always.LOL.Why do I need to comment on everything you say!!!!!

  2. MSN loves driving people crazy with its never-ending experiments on the spaces! :)Yesterday night, I dreamed of how i survived an earthquake! :POh btw, you do rock! 😉

  3. i am doing fine … i thinkI just found that the when i am free i really do nothing I mean before even in my midterms i found the time to update but now i am like really busy with nothing … anyway i updated but i don’t think it is worth reading coz and this is something that i found out too The more i read what i just wrote the less i want to post it so that is why i stopped myself from checking for grammar and spelling mistakeOk i will stop now 🙂

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