I lie therefore I write?

Most of what I write can be traced back to some truth or some fantasy.
Never a lie. Wondering if I started lying on my blog..what would it be like?

Do people lie on their blogs?

7 thoughts on “I lie therefore I write?

  1. lie ammm well i don\’t think i ever lied in my blogs ! especially not about my grades 😛 but when i read ppl blogs in general i don\’t think about what they write in (truth or lie) kind why !i just read them amm enjoy their thought 🙂 ( BTW i love reading you … any time )soooooooo no i don\’t really think about it that way i just enjoy it but it is kind of scary if they are lying and I don\’t mean small little lies i mean like when someone is Female and acting like Male or the other way around and so basically i hate identity liars p.s so did i sound serious in my last entry ? and what does that mean!!

  2. Thanks Supriya :)i am 23 🙂 which is way better than 22 i dont know what is 22 suppose to say about me i am not 20 and i am not 21 i am 22! i believe that 23 tells ppl that you are old enough to take your own decisions (but of course that does not include your parents ) and for some ppl (if not already) will start reminding you that you have to get married 😦 so yah some disadvantages…but finally i am over my teens 🙂 i kept thinking well 20 is kind like 19 but with more days and months 21 was close to 20 which is close to 19 and 22 was just nothing and now 23 is something i am over my teens 🙂 and yah my BD is on 12 Dec and in another say 13 but i am cool with 12 coz i like num12 🙂

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