Before I don’t talk

Would you erase memories before they are made?

In lonesomeness lies poetry, does it?

One quote that appealed: Women are the creatures between men and angels…or something like that (Balzac)

My longest running incomplete Christmas resolution (as a part of a friendship pact): Next Christmas eve, we shall have a boyfriend, and if nothing else..a date at least. It doesn’t even seem like Christmas

Impulsive thy name is Bookshopoholic

Somebody said I’m turning even more complex by the day. Maybe that’s right (Yeah, hear me now, I agree, like I agreed). I talk to myself more than I talk to my blog. Sucks to not have a blog on my phone. When is that going to start any ways! Another thing I noticed about myself is the resort to sitcoms when I was in a mess/unclear/unhappy. Escapist mentality creeping in slowly..finally.


3 thoughts on “Before I don’t talk

  1. one complete 10 season box set of friends, scrubs and assorted comic movies. is what I go through….I gave up the news. Erase memories before they are made..nope. would you?Hurrah for the big hips ! :p

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