New Year 2009

Each year, we try harder to reduce regrets, to make better decisions, to live with outcomes, to reduce the effort – satisfaction time lag. Do we measure ourselves based on lesser regrets? Do we achieve success by reducing that time lag?
Or do new regrets land up each time we minimize the effect of the old ones? Don’t know how many regrets I give birth to each day, don’t know if I’ve overcome the ones I had at some point of time..but its another new year..and I’m thinking again.

So how many regrets did you nullify? And how many new ones did you build?


7 thoughts on “New Year 2009

  1. you used the word "birth" I can\’t comment now..:pHAPPY NEW YEAR\’S COOKIE!…forget past regrets..go ahead make some brand new ones 😉

  2. aw cookie..I know babies are not regrets..I the self proclaimed no babies woman, also know that. Was just kidding. Hope your new years eve party went great.. hugs

  3. u really got ticked off… didn\’t u???and NO.. don\’t follow ur mom\’s advice of making new regrets… I don\’t trust your hormones!!

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