Blah attempts

I daydream. Of watching clouds move. Of sitting on vast endless greens. Of touching spirits that would vanish. Of softly touching a prickly thorn. Of not knowing the next chapter. Of singing in my sleep. Of sighting yellow bees. Of my mom’s comforting words. Of unknown roads and curves. Of a million pictures captured. Of not caring. Of splashing sea water on my face. Of flying away, out of my mindspace.


9 thoughts on “Blah attempts

  1. Happy New Year Sups! So how was the start? :)Loved your blah attempts.. 😀 btw, i put some answers on your new tag (2 posts back) 😀

  2. lovely…sigh now I won\’t be able to do blah should accompany this post with lovely music! like oo kisses and cake (just music from PS.I Love you)

  3. Ah! Don\’t we all? :)A very Happy New Year to you too! Though I dont really like this year already.This post reminds me of a vacation. So if you do get one, enjoy on my behalf too!Tc..

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