No other Space

Since the year’s string of awards have started bombarding television, newspapers and our minds in general..I decided to harrass people I know by putting them in categories of my own (whether they like it or not) and ensuring that when I look back at 2008 (which I probably won’t) I have a few laughs and some memories of people who I just might forget after 10 years. (Soppy best. Sniff) Psst. I repeat..some people. Some are exceptions. So here goes..

Really Random Awards

Social Network of the Year: (Recurring for decades now)

Move on goes to My grandmother.

Considering she has a bigger social circle in Pune, than I still have. Probably.

Singh is King Award:

To my roomies.

For being the ‘Punjab Power- lighting up your life’ animal rights activists, neon lit cotton candy, multiple personality disordered foodies, alarm clock oversleepers, fabulous with the flush, mood maidens, sleep loving punjus

Hypocrite of the Year Award

Tough Call I’d say. We could give it to the entire Symbi group. Or to some women I know. I don’t know who’s better at fooling.

Consolation Prize:

To the Pune auto rickshaw drivers. For being slightly better than Bangalore rick drivers.

Non-Planned Award:

Bangalore public transport system. There seems to be no direct bus to any place

Goosebumps Award:

Jointly awarded to the ceiling fans in my room, as well as the Girls Hostel solar water heater.

Gunda Award:

Undisputable winner. My 10 year old cousin Rohit. For fighting with me every single day and yet managing to bunk school to drop me when I left from Bangalore. Naah but I love such Gunda boys 🙂

Boys don’t cry Award:

To my 12 year old brother, for saying that he is not a sentimental emotional guy.

Listening Club Awards:

Praps, geebs and mehnaaz. And I obviously don’t need to explain 🙂

‘The Next Year will belong to’ Award:

A.R. Rahman. For slumdog, for dilli 6 for everything else that’s in the pipeline

The Best Bargain Destination:

Blossoms, Bangalore

Most Missed Indulgence Award:

Lemon Tarts, KJ

Repeats Music Awards:

He who will read this and repeat this, especially when not required.

Gleaming Eyes Awards:

My book shelf

Whodunnit Award:

To the Symbi Mess, for brilliantly causing a lot of stomach issues

Drool food Discoveries:

Picaddily Square, Kolkata

Ice n Spice, Bangalore

Annoyance awards:

The maids in the girls hostel

Actually..I could go on and on..but if there were a Worry awards..I’d probably give it to myself.

Psst: couldn’t access spaces. wonder if I’ll ever be able to blog anywhere else. Emosanal attachment??


10 thoughts on “No other Space

  1. sniff sniff… first of all i\’d like to thank god, who\’s given me the strength n patience to be what sups expected me to be..secondly i\’d like to thank my laptop, my bsnl internet connection, windows live messenger, gtalk, airtel and idea, without which it would have been impossible for us to communicate and hence this award would have prolly fallen into the lap of less deserving creatures… and last but not the least, i would like to thank the woman herself..supriya, for returning my favours, measure for measure.

  2. hey there. How you been Supriya. its been awhile since i got here.. thats a nice list youve compiled there. and the social network of the year well i can relate to that as well……….LOL…………..

  3. wtf!!! i tried to do an akshay kumar and u guys can\’t get it???? bah!!! dumb a&*!!!i am accessible!! 24×7 except that my accessibility comes at a price… and i mean real price :Pummm… lol ok i ll change it.

  4. \’social network of the year award\’.. lol… that\’s the best one :Di\’ve felt tempted to move on to blogger a lot of times but my \’emosanal attachment\’ to spaces doesn\’t let me 😀

  5. Standing ovation to your grandma! She doesn\’t realize it but she has a fan following on the spaces network too..sigh i will never forget that first day when she brought you milk on spaces…:p

  6. lolz………kya baat hai….yahan bhi awards….meko kya hai ji[:p]……….kuch spl hai kya[;)]..yesshhhhh i think so[:p]…..bahut"emosanal attachment " hai meko msn pe[:p]

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