April 5th 2009
MSN Spaces is finally unblocked on this stupid server I’m a part of.

I’m so happy I actually read my old blog entries!
Welcome me back :))))))))))

2 thoughts on “Whoa!

  1. Welcome Back ^______^i am fine " i think i am " i started my master and it is going crazy for some reason the teachers think because you want to study master therefor you want to kill your self … and have NO LIFEthe other day i told my teacher that the book we have is not exactly a text book it is kind advance for us( not explaining any thing ) and he said that this is what master is about … well how about making sense for a change if i knew master is about going to university and understanding nothing or"thinking what does this have to do with the lecture and trying and trying to find a relation… but you find nothing "and then reading a book that make it even more mysterious and having projects and assignments all the time and finally no respect at all i think i would consider something else aaaaaaaaaahany way it sounds like i am always complaining but it is not because i am a complainer it is because my situations are tough " and that is exactally what all complainers say " how r u ? and how is your master going ?!

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