Could you just..

Is it true that we keep losing the ability to laugh at ourselves over time? Ok. I just yawned, one of those short ones though. Didn’t last more than three seconds. My yawn bank contains some very randomly noisy and lengthy yawns. I think they can be segregated into different categories (the I can’t sleep but I’m still sleepy yawn, the you woke me up yawn, the yes i’m up, but i’m still sleepy yawn, and so on) This one was the ‘move on, this is probably boring’ yawn. And while I’m at it, I can see that the internet connection that belongs to my household has acted up yet again, like a daily annoying power cut. The only difference is that, one doesn’t need to wait for it to come back. It never will. It’s not human afterall. It needs a slight push. Switch it off once and switch it on back. Almost like the router has these hiccups and it needs to be patted once to come back to normalcy. The beautiful part is, that there is a mini war amongst the inhabitants of this room over who will get up and pat the switch. Almost like the who gets up to pick up the remote fight or the get up to open the door fight. We also have the who will switch on the fan fight.
And guess who saves the day?
It is the third person, my friend.
Someone is bound to enter the room. Bound to.


One thought on “Could you just..

  1. hi lolwell at our home its similar but its usually the younger who attends the phone, the elder who operates the TV, the middle one who attends the doorbell and me im mostly the Internet entity offing it onning it or asking my bros to fix it … and yeah the kitchen its moms place but im the expert, anything that turns out bad i make it edible… lol wat a work i seldom yawn i cant sleep witout 5 or 10 mg valium … let alone yawning take care regards

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