A 8:45 S

So many new things, certainly don’t have time to breathe. Really.

And breathing too hard can be fartfully hazardous in the train, sometimes.

6 thoughts on “A 8:45 S

  1. LOL yah any crowded place will do that to you . "still together? what u referring to…"i am referring to your previous post when you mentioned your SLR"Its going to be bloody sad if I have to part ways with my SLR :("doesn\’t it stand for "Single-lens reflex camera" i thought so that is why i asked you did u fix it ! is it ok! are you still together ?i am doing fine thank God … summer vacation 🙂 so how is moving to bombay?

  2. Oh thank God i thought it was broken or something ^^i am fine reading books and watching korean and Japanese drama and sleeping you know catching up with life since i was only studying 3 months ago .ammmm do u recommend any indian movie ?

  3. Hello sorry for the late reply like i said my internet connection want let me open any space 😦 i hate them.yah i watch bollywood movies , less now than before coz before i would watch them on tv but since i don\’t watch that much tv now a days i only download japanese and korean dramas and watch them on my laptop , the last movie i liked was BLACK it was very nice did u watch it? i bought it and asked my friends to watch it too . actually i would watch anything good with english sub.

  4. yes please especially that my friend Shaha and her sisters love indian movies so yah do recommend 🙂 please sorry for troubling you thanks

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