(Mis)Guide to Marathi

Kai Zhala – What is happening? (I think)

Tumi Kai Karat – What are you doing? (this sounds like bengali and gujarati mixed)
Kashas tu – How are you? (Courtesy, ex roomie, who used it to greet her dog)
Thamba  – Forgot what it means.
So I definitely don’t understand Marathi to save my life. I wouldn’t even know how to say ‘I don’t know Marathi’ in Marathi.
People say its a crude language. I agree, I guess. Not that I understand. Yikes. I have been called loud/shrill too. That’s not crude is it?
Need to save my hindi from being tarnished though. Main karegi/ bolegi/ nachegi/ maregi.
I think my next post should be in hindi. Good pure hindi.

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