Really Randoms from nowhere.

When I thought. So I did. What I did. Now I do.And I don’t think. So I’m doing.

So I finally checked the time of my bad dreams the other day. 4 am onwards!

The problem with desserts in Bombay is that they’re not YUM yum. Like they’re edible, but not YUM. Maybe they don’t make it with love.Or eggs. I don’t know.
Its not easy to replace the phrase ‘I don’t know’ with other silly phrases like those beginning with ‘Ok Hang On’
Sometimes when I get to hear/get a glimpse of what I was, the loud (well different person), and how i’ve become the (yuck i don’t know how that happened) sobered down person – I really don’t know how to react. If someone showed me a video of me 5 years back I’d feel jealous maybe. Or hide my face and drop my jaw and say ‘shucks that was me?’
Would you shop most for the person you fight most with? I do 😛 Sometimes I think its the noisemakers who get all the attention, and the rest of us are plain idiots.
I try not to fall for too many brands (considering I know everything evil behind them) but there are some brands that have just crossed that evil barrier and made themselves utterly desirable. Argh.
Sometimes traditional food rocks. Or as long as I am unaware about the ingredients that went into whatever caused that delicious yumness.
When I go to cal, I’m going to visit the doctor. Or dentist. Maybe both.
(Why am i writing that here!)
Its 12.38 am. I sound like my mind is talking in real time.
Do other people also think in terms of status messages..
Okayy S.t.o.p. Now.

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