Water to vodka.

Plain to purple.
More mindlessness.
Silly things you do.
Silly things.

Bah. Ok. So do men really notice all that jazz women do? 
I mean they don’t even know anything about makeup slash nail art slash smokey eyes slash new earings everyday slash whatever it is that women do to supposedly look nice slash appealing slash hot slash pretty. If a poll was conducted how many men would know all of this? Ofcourse since the whole metrosexual jazz has come in, maybe men know more. Or they’ve probably read Cosmo. But does it make any difference? Men! Stand up. Tell me if it makes any difference! 
Cause if it does, how many men are doing nice things to themselves to look hot slash appealing slash charming slash cute slash dashing?
Then why are all the women in the world prancing around all done up? Feel good factor? Fine, but with such a lot of effort wasted how can you feel good? (with no man doing nothing in return)
Oh one compliment and the day is made? Ok. Then how do men do without compliments?
Sure I’ll do my nails. And see if it makes any difference!

I should have kept that leaf I crushed while watching TV, before leaving Goa.

3 thoughts on “Gulp.

  1. Haha! I think men get really confused with all the painty stuff women put on. Don\’t know. It\’s a quest for men- as in – are women trying to look good? or are they trying to cover up their pimples? Lol.

  2. they may not know anything abt these things when they are present, but they will notice when u dun do any of this stuff….. trust me.

  3. I know. Unfortunately my situation forces me to acknowledge, of course with a certain amount of cringing, all this… what do men do? ever went to a gym? you wud\’ve known :PBut then, if you ever ask someone (of any gender) if they do it for others (read opp sex) the answer would be a resounding no.Somewhere deep down, we do want to look attractive, if not to others, presentable to ourselves.

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