Scarlett O Hara is not lost

People who know me, KNOW me. 

They might know me from my loud, bratty, blunt, can’t help express her thoughts days.
They might know me from my watching from the sidelines, sarcastic little comment passing, giggly days
They might know me from my quiet, coming to terms with, keeping to myself, wallowing to myself days
They might not have witnessed two or three of these states. 
The ones who have, probably have a set impression of me which is hard to erase..
I’m sure it must be such a case..or is it not?
Some new people I know find it surprising that I’m an Arian.
Hot headed, talkative..all that was once associated with me, is not really my recognizable trait now.
Is the real me hiding? Or playing tricks? Or just sobering down?


So maybe now I can write in peace :S