I took a gamble off late. Well not exactly a gamble, but undertook something that I was curious about, though don’t quite believe in. I tried out a new form of meditation/breathing exercise – if I may call it. Now let me begin by telling you that I look at meditation as something almost as close to God – unattainable, invisible, dubiously doubtful and probably very strong. So I got into it, tried some of their breathing techniques, learnt to shut my eyes and kick away every other thought, learnt to relax – or atleast tried to. It took some effort, a lot of nodding and prodding. The result was slow, slightly calming and I’d say – not completely ineffective. And then came the commitment bit. One which every man slays. Once every day – takes half an hour of your day. 

Now, I did take lessons from the exercise – personal lessons. Some were predeveloped earlier, some were tweaked and sharpened through the exercise. And some, I probably still am ignorant about. Having zero expectations helped. I’m still not a committed girl though. Somehow taking the lesson seemed easier than following the regime. Maybe I’d turn into an ubercool zen chick if I follow it. Maybe I’d lose my head or follow mystic saints to the path of enlightenment and utmost nirvana. Or maybe I’d be just fine – with or without it. (There I’ve covered all options) A small bit of mystery though – How much did it help?
Wow, should there be a research on this or what?!

2 thoughts on “Silence.

  1. Well you missed one possibility, being conviced that you have been duped, you decide not be the only one and start capturing people around and force – convince – coax them to do it too till they too start feeling that they have been duped!Just praying that this is only a very very remote possibility and you may find peace through silence..btw – did you ever try to listen and read the "Silence" ?

  2. well for me – silence IS peace.. look at space.. can it be more peaceful?then again, there are silences that are deafening..and I love it when someone reads into or listens to my silences and responds it with silent yet powerful emotion. The moment we put words to emotions, we create a boundary and limit to it; the same emotion can and does express zillion times more when its expressed in silence, as it not "bound" by words..

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