When Friends met HIMYM.

I’ve gotta admit I have not seen Friends end to end season to season. Conversations like..remember that episode where Ross and Rachel…generally make me wonder ‘how come I never saw that show end to end despite liking it a lot, lot, lot?’ I watch Friends practically everyday on TV. It shows on 2 channels..I have no clue which season/which episode what! All I know is that I can watch Friends from any season, any episode onwards and never get bored.
Flashback just a tad bit back to my supremely awesome hostel life, where I finished season after season of ‘How I met your Mother’ within days..watching episodes till 4:00 am in the morning, laughing away alone while my roomies tried to catch up on sleep. Now that show is just another sitcom. I just got addicted. Well that’s what they’re made for. These sitcoms. Anyway, so today I was watching yet another episode of Friends and I realized that there are so many similarities between the character sketches of the lead actors. Almost like there has to be "one of those kinds" which "that particular audience group" has to identify with.
Take for example Barney from HIMYM and Joey from Friends. They could be brothers. Funny, crude, chick lovers. Have the best one liners in the show. Or take Rachel from Friends and Robin from HIMYM. Both dress well, both are slightly blonde but try to portray themselves as smart woman and strive hard to achieve the career woman tag. Rachel chucks her rich monies to work in a coffee shop, Robin moves from Canada to USA to work as a TV show host and get successful. Chandler-Monica the couple from Friends could well be Marshal-Lily from HIMYM. Ross from Friends and Ted from HIMYM are both the quintessential sweet, hardworking, i-want-to-get-married – have a big house – kids and a dog kinda guys.
Are these role models for Americans? I wonder how Americans don’t get too bored of looking at exact prototypes of themselves though. For the rest of the world, its probably aspirational. Would a Ted ever start his own business, or a Rachel decide to get married to a rich snoot for money, or a Barney volunteer or something? Probably wouldn’t work in the script. Would be interesting to know what would happen if characters from one show like HIMYM suddenly get transferred to a Lost or a Greys Anatomy or something. The audiences of both these shows would have a major disconnect I’m guessing. How come nobody carries on such experiments?! Too risky, money wise maybe 😐
Anyways I wish there were more Phoebes in the world though. The girl who sings ‘Smelly Cat’, agrees to carry triplets in her womb, cracks jokes at the wrong time..but doesn’t mean no bad. Ah. Eccentric. That’s another type the scriptwriters know attract some attention and has a limited but strong fan following. But there should be more Phoebes in the world. Would make life amusing.


2 thoughts on “When Friends met HIMYM.

  1. "Would be interesting to know what would happen if characters from one show like HIMYM suddenly get transferred to a Lost or a Greys Anatomy or something"You know I have always thought why don\’t they for example let a character from some series lets say "someone from the mentalist" team get sick really really sick then they will have to seek a well known diagnostic DR "House" and then we will be able to see how Patrick Jane and House interact I think that will be brilliant 😦 i would love it. but Grays Anatomy and Private Practice are doing something ahhh close!Ok my FB ID is (sherifa al Dossary) please copy and paste then add the sherifa with the greenish picture 🙂

  2. There are as many stereotypes in Americans as there are anywhere else, basically cos they\’re humans too. If there is a following for a particular genre of movies, shows, the easy way out is to clone a successful show. But then, how different the characters can be?Dr.House was supposedly a huge hit with ladies, especially older ones, \’cos of the abusive and crude Dr.House. It was said that women dig such guys and that\’s why it was a huge hit with them. I didn\’t read the article, I heard about it. But if it\’s really true, then your question\’s answered. It\’s all about catering to an audience. Period.

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