Love Story

Contrary to popular belief, I am an emotional person. Yes, I too get butterflies in my tummy, feel unexplainably attached and have a strong possessive streak. Only that these little bubbly feelings in my heart don’t always cover people. Show me a good gadget and my heart melts. My books are my pride. I feel attached to my favorite pair of jeans, and curse the Dhobi everytime I am reminded of my lost clothes. When I first entered the Apple store I almost had to pinch myself out of happiness. To me it was like entering heaven. Heck, I was even excited to enter their washroom (which was very simple btw, applesque – somehow every guy in their store appeared cuter than what a normal guy would appear). I am quite possessive about my camera+lenses and take care of them like they’re my babies. (I feel guilty when I ignore them too)…I know if people would read this, they’d want to yap about real people and emotions and love and yada yada. I get all that. But sometimes it’s just safer to love the inanimate. At least they won’t bite or bitch or hurt you. Yes they require maintenance, but then again – even those things have manuals and best practices. I like it that humans are unpredictable and no “best practices” work with us (life would be so boring without us human beings adding spice to it) but for a mess free love..give me my gears and gadgets anytime. I’m happy being emotionally passionate about them. Really.


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