Really Randoms from Bombeh

Sometimes when I see people walk on the road, I can almost imagine them in their alternative lives. Like you can see some people and what they would have been doing at another place, another time, or if they were still at their birthplace maybe. Its funny, and interesting to imagine.

Smart customer service from Pani Puri wallah: Giving you a handful of chanachur to munch on while he makes you wait. 
(But bad pani puri sort of dampens the experience)
Bombay reduces patience in a person. It tends to give you this weird feeling that if you’re slowing down or waiting, there’s something urgent that you’re missing out on. Its good and bad. But one may miss the ‘doing nothing’ phase. Or one may not. Depends.
The autowalahs are obviously the best face readers you will ever come across. Even before you utter a word, they can figure out where you want to go and refuse even before you ask them!
To be continued..sometime when I’m not droopy eyed!

Dhan Ta Na..

More than watching Kaminey, the story of how I managed to watch Kaminey would make for an interesting piece of conversation, but then again..more than a conversation, visuals would have done better justice. Unfortunately or fortunately..somethings are best in the moment. 
As for Kaminey, it probably deserves another watch. More so for missing the first ten minutes. Montages, realistic cinematography, some kickass performances..if you enjoy Vishal Bhardhawaj’s cinema..quick, slick, realish. 
Use of old hindi movie songs along with the background score is done, but still stands out, its how one does it, I guess. And it works..its timed very well, and seems to go with the scenes. Piggy Chops looks like a Maharashtrian to the T. If she walks on the roads in Mumbai like that, she’d never be recognised. 
Shahid Kapoor has overdone his body. But he is the cream of Kaminey. Especially with the ‘main F ko F bolta hoon’.
Watch out for the shot of crows before a montage, in the second half of the film. I still can’t get over that shot. Sheer awesomeness.

Flirting with Bombay?

I see you 60+  couples holding hands and walking on streets

I hear you banter ‘mein kar legi/mein bol dega’
I walk by you stores and paan wala dukaans sitting proudly adjacent
I observe as the bright mismatched bais and street kids cross my way
I concentrate as the road gets un-Bombay like
I feel the breeze on the Sea Link
I cry with your traffic, as the dahi handi celebrations block my way
Your journey with me.
You’re an open secret. Some clutter. River like.
For as long as you are.

I’ve noticed that..

I’ve noticed that when I write in a turbulent mood, its generally something very random or disconnected. Maybe connected, if it is connected the right way.

I’ve noticed that when you don’t know certain people, its possible to separate certain layers they mask
I’ve noticed that blame is what people avoid, more than work
I’ve noticed that worry can be cancerous
I’ve noticed my droopy eyes, as I write this.