Living Tiny Nightmares.

So when you wake up with a start because of a nightmare involving dogs sniffing and licking your legs all over (well it was a little worst but we shall not describe that here) you obviously don’t think that the rest of the day will be equally nightmarish.
Relax. It wasn’t.
But then again who said things are bad only if they are nightmarish? (I am not making sense, but just bloody understand..things go wrong!). The funny thing about certain days is that you have the signs of blunder all over, yet you fail…F-A-I-L to acknowledge them, or actually even notice them..our mind’s are too tied up (with hay) to actually consider the signs things around us are giving out, they might be silent muted signs, or relevant..poignant signs…But we..WE are obviously half asleep to notice the way things work..time, weather, pace..state of affairs..unrelated things.
Anyways..So while brushing my teeth I wondered how I could ever have such dreams..could be an overdose of ‘Heroes’ or the fact that my roomie switches of our side of the fan and how I start feeling suffocated and hot only during mornings, since my bed is on the side wall, away from the fan.
I see the time..its 10.41 am and the scheduled time for class is 11.30 am. Walking to the campus takes about 10 minutes, 15-20 if it rains. So according to the special time management mathematical skills ingrained in my brain thanks to my super punctual we-should-reach-before-time family, I figured that 11.15 would be the ideal time to leave. In the bathroom I dropped some of my clothes in a bucket full of water (i shall not describe once again, just assume/figure out)..Yes you must be thinking "Big Deal" and I shall simply not explain and continue with the story.
Stepping out of the room, I encountered my favourite maid, who knocked wanting to clean the room(for once on her own, without me running around the hostel for her). But alas, the rest of the souls in my room were fast asleep and I had to rush, so now the room is not nice,dirty, not clean, and hence not nice again. Realizing that the rain gods (or are they devils?) seemed to be on their ‘taking care of the gardens of Lavale with endless supply of water’ spree..I rushed back again to pick my umbrella…running quickly to be on time for a guest lecture, only to realize that the rain gods wanted to flood the gardens and all the flowers, plants trees and animals instead of merely watering it. Jumped into a puddle, only to see more on the way..with my formal uniform getting damp, dirty and not so nice again..I somehow avoided the narrow stream of water flowing downhill.
"I think class is at 12" said she, walking along with me
"WHAT?" I shrieked. Great. I thought to myself.
It turned out (hang on there’s more)..that the guest lecturer got stuck due to the rain too, so we ended up waiting for class to start till about 1.30 pm..hanging out in the front lobby. He was nice enough to come and grant us time to eat. (He was nice otherwise too, and I’m certainly not referring to what he was teaching)
I shall not regard the unavailability of sabudana khichdi or coconut chutney in the canteen as a blunder, cause that’s routine. The rest of the day was pretty average. I was staring at the guy who came to lecture us (so were the other girls, but I shall not describe that once again cause we were not staring at his face all the time..which was quite nice, the deprived lot that we are..we’ll stare at anything half nice). Walking back, we witnessed (jeez I sound like a tourist) a party and too many cars…the music is probably still blaring outside our rooms..ofcourse a party not for us. Being a mess food victim my plan was to boil eggs for dinner, a meal that should defeat maggi any given day. So after having a bit of a disaster with the boiling process (cause I began cutting my nails) I somehow managed to peel the hot eggs, only to drop one of them on my chair. After that I decided not to use the immersion rod to heat water on my own..and waited for my roomie to arrive, and even while the first bucket of water was getting heated, I could see smoke coming out of the rod.
We managed to control the situation and heat the water though…..ast he smoke was sighted on time.
So the lesson for the day ladies and gentlemen is..sight the smoke.
Bahh. its 2.19 am and I have a long day tomorrow. I only hope that my Italian food craving is satisfied…Pray for me.


From Rohit’s Tongue

"A real photographer never gives up"

"Why can’t you study in Bangalore, get married here and stay in my house forever?"

"We’re going to play the song ‘Bhutni Ke’ on my sister’s wedding"

"I have two friends on the terrace..I’ve named them Champa and Chameli, they are two grasshoppers"

"Oh haven’t met the lizard yet"

"Oh no, bad Champa and Chameli..its ok we’ll just click the spider’s pictures"

"When will they serve rice?" (even before the lunch thali arrived)

"Why can’t I watch ‘How I met your mother?’ "

"Lets go play badminton!" Where? "On the road"

"You want to meet Tiger?" Who’s that? "My fish"

Cup Noodles and Maggi Soup

In my abode, God resides in plastic covers, while entertainment is bending towards American humor..cinematic tastes are discovering foreign shores, novels are the new notes and groups are the best education..weight loss is an illusion, actually weight is like a circus clown…tricks you…
People? they’re like puppets, dancing to tunes only they can explain, or suffering from pains long unforgotten and turning into psychos, for reasons they can’t be blamed.
Its a whole new world. Though I can’t clearly state, whether I stand anywhere or walk around the place, like another ghost from another world astray.

Psst: I had meant to write a lot more, but the minute I shut this laptop, switch off the lights in the darkness as there is no power, lie down on my bed, pull the covers and settle the tiny blue pillow on my head, I will remember atleast ten more things I meant to say, wanted to say and had thought I will say and I plan to say….when I blog again..I’ll be hoping yet again that the same thoughts return to purge my heart and mind off the troublesome dreams and very random thoughts that haunt me once in a while.


Psst..Peru am unable to comment on your blog for some weird reason…the words were nice..BUT i still stick to what I say

Mnaz where are you?

Others who loved rock on: Go die.

Divoo..*high fives*

Why Rock On is a Waste.

So you buy tickets to watch a movie at a multiplex, bollywood almost know what to expect.. a few well shot songs, some of them not needed, good looking actors, feel good, romance..the so called break.
But hold on my dear friends..where, pray WHERE in the middle of all this is the STORY???
I refuse to accept that bollywood/hindi films cannot have stories. Incidentally (ok I know this is not a good example) I saw Masoom (old one made by Shekhar Kapoor) the same afternoon before leaving to watch Rock On, and the movie itself is a copy of an english film, which is based on Eric Segal’s book Man, Woman and Child. But hang on, the treatment of the film by the director, the actors and the music blend in to combine one of those very unforgettable movies..the scenes of which you remember and the music that makes you nostalgic even today.
What does Rock On do? The music sucks. You wont remember the tunes, the lyrics are crass..Arjun Rampal acts like a log of wood. The movie tries to ride on the Dil Chahta Hai wave…but to make a successful DCH you need characters, you need those endearing that become timeless..some kind of quirk which stands out, is almost unique..all of which are hardly there in Rock On(barring Purab Kohli’s drunk dance and the Gujju dandia meets rock)
Take another movie in the same genre..Jhankaar Beats. Why does it work? Yes most of the music consists of hit RD tracks, so you won’t go wrong there..there’s humor in the film, characters that stand out(especially Sanjay Suri’s horny neighbour and pesky Sindhi/Parsi aunty)
Farhan Akhtar does a decent job (my fav is his shower scene :P), the girl opposite him hardly has a role. But its really not justified that one fine day they all land up together and hardly have even one proper conversation/talk..hug and make up? If the friendship was really that strong then why did it take ten whole years for a reunion. And Rob dying….why couldn’t they come up with something else. Brain Tumor. Bah

On the contrary I’m dying to watch this film called Viva Cuba..a part of which I saw on the following day on World Movies. If someone could download/get me the film..I’d be grateful..its original, nicely shot and endearing.
My verdict on Rock On: Avoid. Watch Jhankaar Beats or DCH again. You’re missing nothing.